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Discover our collection of Swiss Made watches, women’s and men’s watches to find the perfect watch for you, wollku always has a watch for you whether it’s women’s watches or men’s only automatic watches.

Regardless of your tastes and needs, we have a watch for you, luxury watches and the best materials on the market with ETA movement – in several different colors and designs.

Few things are as attractive as an exclusive watch on the wrist. Today, the wristwatch is used for more than just telling the time.

The watch is an accessory, part of your look, style and outfit. The watch is now an elegant accessory that brings together and enhances the entire look, it is something that represents you.

A watch and luxury, you should consider it as an investment, both men and women. If you choose a wollku watch, you can use it to achieve an elegant look or for office days, parties or events, a formal or informal look, with a watch that you can feel identified with different colors of spheres, and designs.
In wollku, you can buy watches online and in exclusive stores.

Choose from a wide variety of stylish watches to suit any gender and wrist. Our range of exclusive watches different models of automatic wristwatches. A watch is part of your style and life. We have Watches with different and unique spheres, with a luxury caliber.

Women’s and men’s watches are luxury and elegant, so they can complete your style. In the past, exclusive watches were more related to status, but it is becoming clear that the watch is also an accessory to give a broader image of yourself, wollku offers you different models that complement each other.

For this look and quality, women’s and men’s watches have never made more sense and been as modern as they are today. In everyday life, elegant watches with classic designs look good and give you a lot of class and personality.

Our history, of wollku.

wollku in collaboration with the wine of world soccer champions or stars.

The wollku team came together guided by our passions: a passion for watchmaking and design, a passion for marketing and a passion for innovative technology, but above all a passion for people and their stories.

We had a common vision, we identified an opportunity and we jumped at it.
We are a team of Swiss watchmakers like Federic Leuba, a former soccer player like Sebatien Frey, and a businessman, a former soccer player like Fabio Cordella, and a visionary Rodrigo Araujo.

In which experience in the watchmaking industry such as Federic Leuba, in the entrepreneurial world such as Fabio Cordella, and soccer and winning energy such as Sebastien Frey, come together.

We were born in 2021 in Switzerland in the midst of a pandemic, we came together to take our brand worldwide and we identify ourselves as a united and knowledgeable team in the world of watchmaking, with great experts in watch design and manufacturing such as Federic Leuba .

Our products
Designed and made in Switzerland our watches are 100% Swiss made.
Without intermediaries we manufacture and design our own watches and our own factory.

We use the highest quality materials, mixing the most innovative manufacturing techniques.

Every detail and finish by hand.
Obviously we know that this is not enough and we are not perfect, but we try to do our bit to preserve the best quality of the product, the best mechanism and personalized customer service.

Ceo-Fabio Cordella.
Sebastien Frey.
Rodrigo Araujo.
Federic Leuba.